Eddie Griffin’s Crashed Enzo Restored

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Eddie Griffin – the actor and comedian – crashed his Ferrari Enzo during a promotional shoot for the new movie ‘Redline’. Everyone was convinced that the Ferrari was totaled and beyond hope or repair. That is why we were surprised to find it up for auction this week.

Matt Groner has resurrected the priceless Ferrari. The Texas broker deals in wrecked luxury and sportscars, and usually sells them as is. With the Redline Enzo, however, Groner decided to put in the effort to restore the vehicle. Since the Enzo’s chassis is composed of separate carbon fiber sections bolted to the center tub, Groner had simply to call up the factory and order the replacement parts.

The parts cost $300k and took months to arrive. The restoration is now complete and is for sale for $1.3 million. Steep price – but I’m sure someone will want to get their hands on it.