Ferrari F430 Thrustmaster ‘Manettino’

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Ferrari is well known for making some of the most expensive and most coveted supercars on the market. That is why it has come as no surprise to us that the Ferrari F430 has been used as inspiration for a new creation. Thrustmaster has created a wheel that was modeled after the F430’s cockpit.

This new wheel has been built well and holds all of the control rods, pedals, and gear shifts. The whole thing is finished with a metal that gives it an edge. It also hold buttons that seem very real and have been spread around the centre of the wheel.

These controls as well as others on the body of the model are able to be programmed. One of the most popular controls will most likely be the switch that was created to click through car settings during a race.

The wheel has been called the “Manettino” after a dial that was created for a Ferrari model. It has been built with five settings as well as a push button that will allow for driver assistance level that you need or that can change the configuration of the car. You can have this for less than £80.